The new soccer craze taking the world by storm!


HUNGERBALL is fast & fun football for parties, skills training and competitions

HUNGERBALL games of singles, doubles, or triples are played in a specially designed round inflatable arena with six goals for six players, each defending a goal and attacking at once, one ball, no hands.

HUNGERBALL is currently available for hire in regions around New Zealand, Australia, and Canada with new locations to be announced soon whilst opportunities exist to join the HUNGERBALL global family by becoming a HUNGERBALL Licensed Partner.

Bring on the hunger!

The Hungerball Arena  Learn about why HUNGERBALL is appealing to all those who have a go at it! Bring on the hunger!

Purpose & Benefits

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Learn about HUNGERBALL Challenges or Training & Development for both teams and individuals.

Ways to Play

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HUNGERBALL is suitable for indoor & outdoor use, all that’s required is a minimum floor area of 12m square.

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Hungerball Sales

Opportunities are available globally to own a Hungerball arena by becoming a licensed partner

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