HUNGERBALL is all-on-all soccer for all parties, training, and tournaments and is revolutionising the way soccer is played and trained.

HUNGERBALL consists of a specially designed, inflatable, fully-enclosed arena featuring six mini goals for six players, each defending own goal and attacking at once, one ball, no hands.

A range of individual and team games, along with training & development games can be played.

Discover more about the HUNGERBALL ways to play, how to become a coach and where the HUNGERBALL story began using the links below.

The Hungerball Arena

HUNGERBALL is all-on-all soccer for fun, training and tournaments. May the most hungry for the ball win!

Purpose & Benefits

Hungerball Games

Learn about HUNGERBALL Challenges or Training & Development for both teams and individuals.

Ways to Play

Become a Hungerball Referee

Get involved with the HUNGERBALL game. We are currently seeking coaches who can assist us in tournaments.

Become a Coach

A History of Hungerball

Developed in New Zealand by a father and son, find out more about the growth and development of HUNGERBALL.