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HUNGERBALL is the concept and creation of father and son, Andu and Toma Iordache from Orewa Beach in Auckland, New Zealand.

Andu and Toma Iordache

Andu is a registered psychologist with a PhD from the University of Auckland. He grew up in Romania where he first came up with the idea of a street soccer game whereby kids played all-on-all, with the last one standing winning. Some fifteen years later Andu was proud to find out local kids were still playing the game he had created.

The concept was further ‘incubated’ over the next 20 years incorporating elements of cage soccer and 1 v 1 and was finally completed in New Zealand in 2015 when Toma came up with the name inspired by the “Hunger Games” theme.

With the help of extensive testing and feedback following the design of the first HUNGERBALL arena, the HUNGERBALL game has been further refined as great fun to play at social events and competitive tournaments, as well as developed for training individual soccer skills, self-reliance and a hunger for the ball.

HUNGERBALL is far more real-life and adrenaline-packed than soccer/football, to the effect of luring kids away from their electronic devices and from a hunger for junk food and back into street game wisdom, fitness and resilience.

To support the development of HUNGERBALL as a new global game, in October 2016 the HUNGERBALL Soccer International Federation (HSIF) was established to govern the HUNGERBALL Soccer rules, equipment, and licensing rights for organising HUNGERBALL competitions anywhere in the world. Follow the story on the HSIF Facebook page.

Hungerball on TVNZ ONE

The story of HUNGERBALL was featured on TVNZ ONE. Check out the BLOG section for other media articles on HUNGERBALL.

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