HUNGERBALL games adaptations allow us to entertain groups of varying sizes and configurations, small or large, young or mature, skilled or unskilled.

Fast rotations (ins-and-outs) and tournaments (singles, doubles, triples) are very popular.


Singles – 1v1 x 6 (Hunger Games meets Soccer)

  • Dice throw decides which of the 6 players starts from the centre.
  • Other players to remain in their goals, can come out once the ball is touched.
  • One ball, no hands.
  • Players can score in any of the other five goals.
  • One point added for each goal scored, one point taken off for goal conceded.
  • Own goal counts as goal conceded (only).
  • Player who concedes a goal resumes play from the centre.
  • Handball sanctioned with penalty shot to empty goal of guilty player from goal of player who last touched ball prior to hand ball.
  • Similarly, fault sanctioned with penalty shot into empty goal of guilty player.
  • If responsibility or benefit of fault or handball unable to be established, dice throw to decide who resumes play.


  • 2v2 x3 – two goals per team – similar to challenges for individuals.
  • 3v 3 – three goals per team, best team wins.

Training & Development


  • Best Attacker – game runs for a set time, no eliminations, player scoring highest number of goals wins.
  • Best Defender – game runs for a set time, no eliminations, player conceding fewest goals wins.


  • Three Teams of 2 – Best attack and best defence as per individual training & development.
  • Turbo Soccer – Winning team of 2 playing against a team of 3 or 4.

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