Ricki Herbert

“I see a lot of potential in HUNGERBALL for attracting kids to clubs and also for training and individual soccer tournaments. I am glad it has come out of New Zealand”

Ricki Herbertformer All Whites and Wellington Phoenix Coach and Hungerball International Ambassador

“WOW! What a great day we had at our SKIDS programme when Andu and the HUNGERBALL arena showed up. We had ages 5-12 and they all loved it! So many different ways to play and engage a large group!”

Rechelle  Hebert McNair РSKIDS School Holiday Programme Silverdale & North Shore

“Played HUNGERBALL at a kids birthday party. Not only did the kids enjoy it, but the parents joined in and had a blast! Would I recommend it? Yes, yes I would. Great fun, well thought and cleverly designed”

Jason Cordelle – Father and Business Development Manager at Bank of New Zealand

“Played HUNGERBALL for a work event and everybody had a really good time. We had a mini tournament between a few companies and we all enjoyed it. Will definitely try and make it happen again!”

Melissa Boyce РSocial Club Coordinator Aderant Ltd Auckland