Frequently Asked Questions

Please find a list of common questions and answers about HUNGERBALL. Should you have any additional questions please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What are the prices for hiring Hungerball?
  • 2 Hours: $310.00 Plus GST - Suits up to 25 - 30 people
  • 3 Hours: $410.00 plus GST - Suits up to 35-40 people
  • 4 Hours: $470.00 plus GST - Suits up to 40-50 people
  • Full day (6-8 hours) : $610.00 plus GST - Suits for 50+ people
  • Note – maybe this can be made into a Pricing Matrix?

These prices are typically include a coach running the games. Installation and dismantle are free of charge.

Prices may vary from town to town depending on travel distance and number or coaches required for each event.

What is the footprint needed for the Hungerball arena and do you have different sizes?

We have two sizes an 11m diameter and a 9m diameter. The 9m diameter is better suited for ages up to 12 years old, but still fun for older players just a bit more restricted movement, a big advantage is it fits into the smaller indoor locations.

Do we need access to power?

Access to a regular power outlet is needed within maximum 25-30m from the set up location. If this is not available, a generator will be required (we can supply this at an additional cost of $50)

Can we run Hungerball indoors?

Yes, as the balls do not fly out of the arena which is fully enclosed, Hungerball can be run indoors and in fact we encourage organisers to make their event weather proof by arranging an indoor facility as a back up option in case of heavy rain/winds (light and moderate are fine).

What are the cancellation terms?

Cancellation with less than 24 hours will incur a 50% fee while for cancellations with less than an hour prior to the event, the fees are payable in full.

How long does the set up and pack up take?

Our operators will arrive with at least 15 minutes prior to the event for set up. Pack up takes 15-20 minutes. Both set up and pack up are free of charge.

How many players can be engaged in a given time?

Hungerball coaches are trained to run events were developed to suit groups of different ages, sizes, skills and configurations e.g. we can engage up to 50 unique players in an hour (e.g. lunch time break). Once we understand the needs of your group/event our coaches can select the most appropriate ways for running the games.

Can we fundraise using Hungerball?

Yes, Hungerball suits really well as a fundraising tool. While Hungerball coaches are not able to collect any money, we would be happy to provide your staff with information and advice on fundraising options on request.

Is it possible to do a ‘dry’ hire?

Yes, if you have competent and confident staff available, we are happy to provide them with information and training around running Hungerball events to suit the needs of your group. Our operators will set up and pack up at the beginning and the end of the event.

Is it possible to hire or lease Hungerball long-term?

Yes, if you are interested in longer term events from 2 or 3 days to a whole year, contact us to speak about our special hire/lease offers.

Is Hungerball available for sale?

We do not usually sell arenas, but do have license options that are similar to a sale consisting of a one-off payment. If interested, feel free to contact us with information about your location and specific interest in Hungerball (e.g. club, school, for business/hire purposes) and we can provide you with the relevant information assisting you to become a Hungerball operator.