Ricki Herbert

“I see a lot of potential in HUNGERBALL for attracting kids to clubs and also for training and individual soccer tournaments. I am glad it has come out of New Zealand”

Ricki Herbertformer All Whites and Wellington Phoenix Coach and HUNGERBALL International Ambassador

Play and Compete The HUNGERBALL Way

  • HUNGERBALL is ‘addictively’ FUN to play. Over and over again, we’ve seen players automatically tap into their primal ludic hunger and territorial instincts.
  • HUNGERBALL is INCLUSIVE catering for all ages, sizes, cultures, and abilities. Even those with no skills or interest enjoy it and have a real chance at scoring and winning.
  • HUNGERBALL also offers the most PURE way of competing between highly skilled soccer players. With team-based football/futsal one can never tell if winning is down to player or team.
  • HUNGERBALL games include INFINITE rotations with rules designed for play to continue endlessly merely for fun, interaction and learning rather then just for winning.
  • HUNGERBALL is uniquely VERSATILE for it can be played outdoors or indoors, engaging players and audiences of all sizes and configurations at various events, including community festivals, school holiday programmes, skills training and official tournaments.

Train & Develop The HUNGERBALL Way

  • HUNGERBALL offers a STRUCTURED FUN introduction to football and the coolest alternative to the usual crowd of kids chasing a ball on an open field.
  • HUNGERBALL promotes INDIVIDUAL ACCOUNTABILITY as each player defends a goal and the quality of their decisions is rewarded and sanctioned with goal scoring/conceding.
  • HUNGERBALL also fosters COLLABORATION and FAST PASSING through the team challenges where each player defends two or three goals together with one or two others.
  • HUNGERBALL drills&games prompt lots of BALL TOUCHES, fast RUNNING, and SHOOTING precision.
  • SPLIT MOMENT DECISIONS are constantly made in the HUNGERBALL arena. CRITICAL THINKING is stimulated, when coming out of one’s goal there is more opportunity but also more risk all around.
  • HUNGERBALL also trains players’ ANTICIPATION and AWARENESS of others’ positions & movements.
  • As the ball never flies out and HUNGERBALL players are constantly within reach of both the ball and other competitors, PLAY INTENSITY increases tenfold.
  • HUNGERBALL facilitates the development of WELL-ROUNDED players sharpening all their skills, for each individual is a team of his own being goalie, defender, midfielder, and striker at once!
  • HUNGERBALL fosters CONFIDENCE as in the end all players get to score, just as all concede.
  • In the long term, HUNGERBALL builds up one’s RESILIENCE. Facing attack from multiple others at once in a confined space on a regular basis increases SELF-RELIANCE UNDER PRESSURE.
  • By the way, did we mention HUNGERBALL is huge FUN???