Franklin United, Auckland, New Zealand

Hungerball Partner

Franklin United, Auckland, New Zealand

HUNGERBALL is thrilled to launch our partnership with Franklin United, who will pioneer the integration of HUNGERBALL into regular training sessions for ages 9-12, thanks to their Director of Youth Football Benjamin Fletcher who is enthusiastically leading the club’s quest to engage the local football community and develop sustainable pathways for excellence.

Director of Youth Football, Ben Fletcher, had the following to say on the partnership with HUNGERBALL:

“From the moment we sat down with Andu and discussed opportunities of collaborating together, there was an instant connection and enthusiasm between both parties. As an entity, we are always seeking different avenues to create engaging and sustainable activities for the region and Hungerball nails that on the head.”

“In particular, we are excited to pioneer the integration of Hungerball into our curriculum for the 9-12 year old. With this age being key for Skill Acquisition, we are challenging ourselves and thinking outside of the box for how we can enhance the learning for players through the Hungerball Arena. The journey will be an awesome adventure and we can’t wait to see where it takes us!”

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