The University of Auckland Study of HUNGERBALL

The University of Auckland Study

Produced with financial support from Fonterra, The University of Auckland have completed a comprehensive study covering the physical activity levels, perceived effort and affect for participants of HUNGERBALL.

We’re overwhelmed by the level of detail in this report and extremely grateful to Dr. Arne Nieuwenhuys, Dr. Stacey Reading and Roopa Takker, MSc. for their undertaking.

The evidence gained through the current study overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that Hungerball provides an enjoyable and engaging form of physical activity that can be enjoyed across a wide range of ages and physical literacy skill. Game play provides a moderate to vigorous cardiovascular training stimulus that would assist children and adults in meeting current physical activity guidelines in New Zealand. Furthermore, the multidimensional aspect of Hungerball game (i.e., activity equally divided across three motion planes) suggests that it may also provide a significant musculoskeletal training stimulus that would facilitate the development, refinement and maintenance of physical literacy. Finally, physical activity did not depend on prior experience or skill and gameplay was consistently associated with strong positive affect. Thus, it is concluded that Hungerball provides a fun and enjoyable exercise that – if played on a regular basis – should positively contribute to health and physical literacy from childhood through to adulthood.

Download the full document here